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The Holy Bible.


The Holy Bible. The Revised Version. With Revised Marginal References. Printed for the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

8vo. [171 x 106 x 45 mm]. Bound by Jenni Grey in 2002 in rosewood boards with rounded corners and black goatskin spine, each board with ten inlaid black wooden strips running inwards from the fore-edge and terminating with onyx cabochons and ten black goatskin bands running in parallel from towards the centre of the boards and across the spine, with onyx cabochons at each end, brown endleaves, edges stained dark over the original gilt. Contained within a rosewood box, lined with black velvet, with a pull-off top with a raised handle inlaid with 12 black wooden strips and onyx cabochons.
Oxford: at the University Press, 1906.

Jenni Grey studied Graphic Design and Illustration at the University of Brighton, and has lectured on Illustration and Book Arts at the same University since 1987. She was elected onto the Arts Council Selected Index in 1986, and as a Fellow of Designer Bookbinders in 1989. She was President of DB from 1996 to 1998.

In her own words: "Bookbinding provides a constant source of ideas and challenges for me. I am continually developing and simplifying the structures I use to maximise the time I spend on the creative element of my work, and to enable me to work with materials such as wood and metal or techniques such as embroidery. My ideas always stem from the text, but I find I can have a variety of different responses dependant on the book itself. Sometimes an interpretive angle is called for, at other times a more personal approach seems appropriate. The concept should also be sympathetic to the design and illustrations of the text. The challenge being to combine a collection of ideas and materials into a visually complete object".

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