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Dictionarium Rusticum, Urbanicum & Botanicum.

[WORLIDGE (John)?].

[WORLIDGE (John)?].

Dictionarium Rusticum, Urbanicum & Botanicum: Or, A Dictionary of Husbandry, Gardening, Trade, Commerce, and all Sorts of Country-Affairs. Containing more particularly, I. the whole Art of Gardening, viz. Sowing, Setting, Grafting, Inoculating, Transplanting, Salleting &c. with the Names, Descriptions, Virtues, and Uses of most sorts of Plants, Flowers and Fruits. II. The Raising and Ordering of all manner of Forest and Fruit-Trees, both Standard and Dwarfs. III. Agriculture, or the Art of Husbandry, in the various Parts of it; with the modern Improvements made therein. IV. The Gentleman's Recreation, or the Arts of Riding the manag'd Horse, Hunting, Ferreting, Hawking, Flowling, Cock-fighting, Fishing, &c. including not only an accurate Description of the several Animals, but even of the Tackle, Nets, Gins, and Traps, different Instruments us'd in those Sports. V. The Farrier's Art, with those of Horsemanship and Manage. Also a particular Account of every Disease incident to a Horse, with its Causes, Symptoms, Effects, &c. and a View of the most proper and approved Remedies. VI. The Breeding, Feeding, and Managing of all sorts of Cattel; as also of Bees, Silk-worms, Poultry, and Singing-birds, with all their respective Diseases and Cures. VII. The preparing of many sorts of English Liquors, common Eatables and Drinkables, with the several Parts of Country-Housewifry. VIII. The Digging, Refining &c. of Metals and Minerals, with Salt and Sugar-works, the Art of making of Bricks, Bird-lime, Gun-powder, Shot, &c. IX. Terms made use of in Merchandizing, Traffick, and Trade; with Handicraft-Terms and Instruments, Country-words, &c. X. an Account of Coins, Weights and Measures, Domestick and Foreign with their respective Values and Capacities, XI. The Productions, Manufactures, &c. of all the Counties of England, and even of the most remarkable Foreign Countries. XII. A Collection of the principal Statute-Laws, relating to Tenures and Country-Affairs, especially those of the Forests, with the Functions of Field and Forest-Officers; also the ancient Customs, and Natural Rarities of Great Britain. Illustrated with a great Number of Wooden and Copper Cuts. The Second Edition, Revised, Corrected and Improv'd; With the Addition of above a Thousand Articles.

Two engraved plates (one folding) and woodcuts throughout the text. Printed in double columns.

8vo. [199 x 128 x 54 mm]. [928pp]. Bound in contemporary sprinked calf, the covers tooled in blind with a double fillet border, and a panel with floral ornaments at the outer corners, mitred to an inner panel of a fillet and roll with darkened centre. The spine divided into six panels with raised bands, lettered in the second on a red goatskin label, plain endleaves, red sprinkled edges. (A little rubbed).
London: printed for J. Nicholson in Little-Britain, W. Taylor in Ave-mary-Lane, and W. Churchill at the Black-Swan in Pater-noster Row, 1717.

Variously attributed to Nathan Bailey and John Worlidge, with Alston assuming the latter. First published in 1704 (in two issues). A third edition appeared in 1726. The preface is followed by a 5pp "Catalogue of some of the Books made use of in this Work".

A fine copy, with the ink signature of J. Leveson Gower on the title. John Leveson-Gower (1694-1754) was a leading Tory and served as Lord Privy Seal between 1742 and 1743 and 1744 and 1754. He married three times, begetting 11 children. His third son, Granville, became 1st Marquess of Stafford and his eldest daughter married John, 4th Duke of Bedford. He erected the first Trentham Hall in Stoke-on-Trent and in 1746 was created Viscount Trentham and Earl Gower. Though a grand land owner, at his death he had outstanding debts of £37,861 and over £30,000 in legacies.

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